Marine Piling Wraps

Marine Piling Wrapping is one of our specialties. We use quality components that help protect your pilings against some of natures most destructive obstacles. We use a thick, top grade poly to protect your pilings from Shipworms. Shipworms are some of the most destructive organisms on the planet. Our wrapping process is one that is sure to keep them out and have your pilings lasting twice as long as untreated pilings.

Here are some examples of the havoc that shipworms can have on your marine dock pilings. If gone untreated most of your marine pilings will loose their apility to hold weight in a matter of a few years. It is important to treat this areas of issue with proper measurements before it is too late!

Here is an example of what we do to secure our marine dock pilings. We make sure that their is absolutely no way a shipworm can infiltrate our barrier. We use multiple layers and make sure they are air tight to avoid any future issues!

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